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About VHR

Modernity & Luxury
Created using Traditional Methods

Vicky checking the accuracy of a stitch in time

VHR started in the heart and mind of its founder, Vicky Rupping.

She always wanted to start her own company, and dreamed it into existence while she was studying. Her vision is that VHR be a truly South African company focussed on the international market that will endure long after she has hung up her knitting needles.

Create elegance, deploy beauty, wear creativity

VHR’s mission statement is to be sustainable and become known for its uniqueness, its high-quality items and the luxury they imbue. As such VHR is a brand that cuts through the clutter – but not in the ways you might think. VHR appeals to a market that seeks out understated elegance that’s on par with international standards.

VHR and Knitting

Embracing humble materials. Elevating old art forms

Knitting is a complex art – part aesthetic, part science, part practicality and all luxury. The knitwear we buy in chain stores today are more often than not, echoes of what knitwear should be. These companies produce knitwear, and sew the panels together with sewing machines. Traditional knitwear, on the other hand, is linked together stitch by stitch and designed to fit the wearer perfectly. Linking stitches takes time, and the knitter has to exercise extreme precision.

Thinking forward

... for the love of all women

Apart from creating beautiful clothes for confident women, and brooding on new concepts for future ranges, Vicky also pays attention to sustainability and the wonderful potential inside of her community.

In a skills transfer undertaking, Vicky trains local ladies from disadvantaged backgrounds about the industry – both production and conceptualising, sourcing material and treading lightly. Her learnership approach is holistic: aimed at training, on-the-job experience and opportunity scouting.

Says Vicky: “By knowledge sharing we are investing in the future of this world; unlocking opportunities and ensuring that if we succeed, we take others with us.”

Purchasing a VHR piece, whether it be an every-day staple or a high-fashion party piece means that you are aiding a community of women silenced by poverty and a crippling lack of access to adult education.