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Reflections Collection

MERAKI | Autumn / Winter

Meraki - (v) to do something with soul,creativity, or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work.

This collection is an direct extension from my colour and texture love. Each design has an intricate though process and a definite concept. The Meraki collection for the Autumn/Winter consists out of 31 masterpieces. The universal premiss of the collection is a beautiful disaster, each piece clashes in a subtle way with the next, either by colour, style, texture, volume or movement. However the clash creates  an intriguing collaboration of style. Meraki has lovely jumpers, dresses, cardigans, scarves and skirts made from knitwear, printed fabrics and intricate beadwork. 

Meraki-leave a little bit of your soul...
Each piece is handmade, be it knitted, beaded or handprinted. 
Each piece is made in George, South Africa, by  creative designs, specific concepts, meticulous artistry and passion.