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Introducing Our Ranges

An Overview

Our ranges and from whence they are created

Each of these ranges were designed to hinge on a specific concept. No one range is ever recreated and garments are produced in very limited numbers, making all the garments one-of-a-kind.

The aim is, always, to bring that concept to life in the form of beautiful knitwear. While some of these items might still be for sale, each range is limited, unique and bespoke.

Please browse through each of the ranges (listed below) for a full view of the various items contained in each collection.


Our first range for Autumn / Winter, each in different colours and stitching that express the theme that surrounds them. May these inspire you too.

Our Autumn / Winter Range

NOTE: Our seasons are based on Northern Hemisphere seasons.



This collection is an direct extension from my colour and texture love. Each design has an intricate though process and a definite concept. The Meraki collection for the Autumn/Winter consists out of 31 masterpieces. The universal premiss of the collection is a beautiful disaster, each piece clashes in a subtle way with the next, either by colour, style, texture, volume or movement. However the clash creates  an intriguing collaboration of style. Meraki has lovely jumpers, dresses, cardigans, scarves and skirts made from knitwear, printed fabrics and intricate beadwork. 

Meraki-leave a little bit of your soul...
Each piece is handmade, be it knitted, beaded or handprinted. 
Each piece is made in George, South Africa, by  creative designs, specific concepts, meticulous artistry and passio


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Fue speaks of fire. The concept behind it is liquid amber, glowing leaves, fires that consume you, burning plastic ... the inspiration is endless.

And this endless inspiration was crucial in creating Fue.

Fue marks the change of season – symbolised by red, block colours, intricate stitches and mixed materials. Fue’s fashion comprises fitted and loose dresses in wonderful soft yarns. Fue is playful, understated and feminine – together, these elements conspire to represent the slow burn of a setting sun.

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Construct is a journey. The collection started with Vicky’s fascination with mismatched blocks, that somehow fit together despite the odds. Shapes that seem ill meant to fit, sometimes do – and to great effect (a beautiful synchronicity). This effect captured Vicky’s imagination.

Similar to the blocks, knitwear is all about construction. It works, even if sometimes it threatens not to, or seems like it shouldn’t.

With this in mind, Construct was created to evoke a feeling of balance and natural essence. The main aim of the line was to fuse different elements and create interactive pieces. The result was understated shaped and long fitted dresses – enhanced by this design.

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Fierce is in celebration of female strength; having drawn inspiration from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the form of the iconic quote “though she be but little she is fierce”.

Combining a delicate feminine fierceness with inspiration from nature: mushrooms, though small in size are tough, and serve to represent our delicate nature, both emotionally and physically, and our ability to stay strong and move forward no matter the circumstances.

We are resilient and survive, even when the odds are against us. The collection showcases various layers, fringes and playful uses of block colours. Hues of blues and fresh olive greens and hints of gold work together to create a strong and striking collection with elements of sexy, demure and fun.

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Jett fearless, with a gentle side. This is beautifully showcased through strong silhouettes and soft, luxurious yarns. The strong use of black creates the perfect base for the jett woman, while subtle uses of grey, gold and silver to enhance the rockstar within.

She is a rockstar, a pack leader, a feminist, gentle, analytic, visionary and dreamer. She has a wild side that is camouflaged into a modern and sophisticated style.

Jett is a collection that combines all these tendencies and breaks them down to their most basic, simplistic and organic form. A subtle homage to strong women who are individuals and always true to themselves.

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Zechariah is based on the concept of rebuilding oneself mentally, emotionally and physically. We are constantly undergoing changes in our personal lives and on spiritual levels.

When we let go of the set guidelines we start focusing on our basic ideas, concepts and wants. Hopefully we can better understand others, their personalities, actions and their pasts, and see the true beauty of other lives. Suddenly we can break everything down to its most simplistic and raw form.

We start rebuilding again and focus, but stay true to ourselves-the individual.

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Zechariah Collection

Forthcoming Ranges

For information on individual items in the collections, don't hesitate to contact us. Want to know what's currently on the bench? Of course you do.

For a glimpse of the concept behind the latest season, drop Vicky a line and ask directly.