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Who’s Vicky?

Great ideas woven into art

Vicky reading up on designs and seeking inspiration

In the most basic sense Vicky Rupping is the start of a revolution.

This young South African artist and fashion designer is reintroducing the world to the fine art of knitting. She is also the mind behind the growing popularity of VHR – a burgeoning international knitwear boutique.

As a passionate and conceptually strong creative, Vicky has been able to design and craft truly unique garments at home using only South African yarns. Indeed, Vicky’s focus is two-fold: to be as sustainable as possible and to translate great ideas into art.

A Design Inspiration

Vicky finds inspiration in difference by looking beyond commonalities. Her unique perspective enables her to pilfer sights and sounds that may seem every day and translate them into stunning knitwear.

Says Vicky: “I have always been drawn to opposites: delicate vs rough, big vs small, dark vs light, male vs female.” She adds that “inspiration can come from various places – a thought, a lyric, a quote or a word”.

And because each creation is limited, hand-crafted and unique every garment truly represents a stitch in time.

Girl around the world

Vicky’s background and experiences are as varied as her designs and inform the essence of her brand. Having achieved an honours degree in fashion (textile), an undergraduate degree in fashion and art in London and completed shoe design and fashion marketing courses (supplemented by years’ experience in the fashion industry) Vicky’s designs are on-point every time.

Vicky’s design philosophy and conceptual approach has been widely influenced by travelling and working on international platforms. She is passionate about collaborating traditional knitwear into modern fashion resulting in Fashionable Knitwear that is luxurious and comfortable. All garments are carefully-detailed and lovingly handmade in South Africa.

Vicky checking the accuracy of a stitch in time

Vicky at work - making a prototype garment ensuring that every stitch is perfectly positioned and the garment is balanced

Strength is beautiful

The Autumn/Winter collection is a riotous celebration of female strength, which combines the very best design capacities: beautiful colour and interesting textures. The concept draws inspiration from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the form of the iconic quote “though she be but little she is fierce”.

This bold approach is accentuated by soft, feminine layers, fringes and playful block colours. Hues of blues and fresh olive greens and hints of gold work together to create a strong and striking collection with elements of sexy, demure and fun. Designed to exemplify what is fierce in every woman: wilfulness, a controlled sense of grace and an infinite supply of character, this line speaks to the tiger inside of all women – that which is sleek and beautiful yet enormously powerful.

Wearing courage on your beautiful sleeve

The garments in this line are intended to speak of the wearer: to represent the iconic conventional wisdom regarding feminine power: that it is at once simple, yet altogether insurmountable. In a nutshell these garments are designed to instil confidence even on those days when courage wavers. It’s always there, and through the soft whisper of the weave we are reminded to be brave, always.

On explaining the nuances of her latest line, Vicky remarks:

“I combined a delicate feminine fierceness with inspiration from nature: mushrooms, though small in size but are tough, and serves to represent our delicate nature, both emotionally and physically, and our ability to stay strong and move forward no matter the circumstances. We are resilient and survive, even when the odds are against us.”
Wearing your VHR garment proudly

So what is next?

Woah there tiger! Take the time to browse through our latest collection and click on the images for more information.